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stock exchanges

We have put together a list of the major stock exchanges which you may find useful to have all in one place. Use of the same is subject to the terms and conditions.

country exchanges related exchanges
Australia ^ Australian Securities Exchange Limited Sydney Futures Exchange Limited (All Exchanges)
Belgium ^ Euronext Brussels SA/NV Euronext.Liffe (Brussels)
Brazil ^ Rio de Janeiro Stock Exchange
Sao Paulo Stock Exchange
Brazilian Mercantile and Futures Exchange
Canada ^ The Toronto Stock Exchange Montreal Exchange
Chile ^ The Santiago Stock Exchange n/a
People's Republic of China ^ Shanghai Stock Exchange (上海证券交易所) (Ric Suffix: .SS)
Shenzhen Stock Exchange (深圳证券交易所) (Ric Suffix: .SZ)
Shanghai Futures Exchange (上海期货交易所) (All Exchanges)
Denmark ^ Copenhagen Stock Exchange A/S FUTOP (Copenhagen Stock Exchange A/S)
OMX Derivatives Markets
Finland ^ Helsinki Stock Exchange OMX Derivatives Markets
France Euronext Paris SA Euronext.Liffe (Paris)
Germany ^ Xetra (Frankfurt Stock Exchange) Eurex
Greece ^ Athens Exchange S.A. Athens Derivatives Exchange S.A.
Hong Kong ^ Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited Hong Kong Futures Exchange Ltd (All Exchanges)
Iceland ^ Iceland Stock Exchange n/a
India ^ National Stock Exchange of India Limited (Nifty Index and single-stocks)
Bombay Stock Exchange Limited (Sensex Index)
National Stock Exchange of India (for Nifty Index; for any other Indian underlyer 'All Exchanges')
Indonesia ^ Jakarta Stock Exchange n/a (All Exchanges)
Ireland ^ The Irish Stock Exchange Limited n/a
Italy ^ Borsa Italiana S.p.A. Italian Derivatives Exchange Market
Japan ^ Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc. (東京証券取引所 ) (for Suffixes other than.OS &.Q)
Osaka Securities Exchange Co., Ltd. (Ric Suffix: .OS)
JASDAQ Securities Exchange, Inc. (Ric Suffix: .Q)
Osaka Securities Exchange Co., Ltd. (大阪証券取引所)
TOPIX (Tokyo Stock Exchange)
(if neither Nikkei or TOPIX then state Exchange or 'Not Applicable')
Korea ^ Korea Exchange Korea Exchange (The KRX-Futures Market)
Luxembourg ^ Luxembourg Stock Exchange n/a
Malaysia ^ Bursa Malaysia Securities Sdn Bhd Kuala Lumpur Options and Financial Futures Exchange
Malaysia Derivatives Exchange (All Exchanges)
Mexico ^ Bolsa Mexicana de Valores Mexican Derivatives Exchange
Netherlands ^ Euronext Amsterdam NV Euronext.Liffe (Amsterdam)
New Zealand ^ New Zealand Exchange Limited New Zealand Futures and Options Exchange Ltd (under SFE)
Norway ^ Oslo Børs ASA OMX Derivatives Markets
Portugal ^ Euronext Lisbon SA Euronext.liffe (Lisbon)
Singapore ^ SGX (Singapore Exchange Limited) Singapore Exchange Derivatives Trading Limited (All Exchanges)
South Africa ^ JSE Ltd. SAFEX
Spain ^ Bolsas y Mercados Españoles
Bolsa de Madrid
MEFF (Mercado Español de Futuros Financieros)
Sweden ^ Stockholm Stock Exchange OMX Derivatives Markets Stockholmsbörsen
Switzerland ^ virt-x Exchange Limited
SWX Swiss Exchange
Taiwan ^ Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation (Ric Suffix: .TW)
GreTai Securities Market (Ric Suffix: .TWO)
Taiwan Futures Exchange (All Exchanges)
Thailand ^ The Stock Exchange of Thailand TFEX (Thailand Futures Exchange plc) (All Exchanges)
United Kingdom ^ London Stock Exchange plc Euronext.Liffe (London)
US ^ American Stock Exchange LLC
The New York Stock Exchange
The NASDAQ Stock Market, Inc.
International Securities Exchange
Philadelphia Stock Exchange
American Stock Exchange
Chicago Board Options Exchange
Chicago Mercantile Exchange
Boston Options Exchange


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